• The health group and Óscar Alonso reflect in six characteristic vignettes of the artist the value of betting on professionalism, prevention, humanisation and technology to improve the welfare of citizens.
  • In addition to the publication on social networks, Ribera hospitals will decorate some rooms with the drawings that 72 kilos has made exclusively for the group.

The Ribera healthcare group and illustrator Óscar Alonso, better known as 72 kilos, have carried out a special collaboration on the occasion of World Health Day, which has involved the design of six of the artist’s characteristic cartoons on health care and wellbeing. The aim of this collaboration is to “give shape and colour” to the responsible health model that the health group promotes for the care of its patients, with some of its most characteristic values: professionalism, humanisation, prevention and technology.

The vignettes created specifically by 72 kilos for the Ribera health group to mark World Health Day were published on Sunday on the social networks of both groups and will be used in the coming months in different actions related to health promotion with patients. “Your health is a great responsibility”: “Take care of it at all stages of life”; “look for the way to prevent diseases”; “to take care of your health, surround yourself with good hands and the best technology”; “let yourself be accompanied with affection and humanity”; “I take care of you and you take care of me” are some of the phrases used, which are accompanied by drawings and cartoons, with the hallmark of the well-known illustrator, with more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

This collaboration with 72 kilos confirms the Ribera group’s commitment to creativity to add value and notoriety to its brand, but above all to give a more original approach to health advice and thus reach a greater number of people, including young people, and the importance of these health tips being endorsed by health professionals. Prior to this collaboration, Ribera has received several awards and recognition for the Ritmos de Vida campaign, which unites music and cardiovascular health, and for Hablemos del suicidio and its “en blanco” campaign, to raise awareness of the importance of talking about this problem.