• The group’s health centres organise Christmas decoration competitions, special menus, workshops with patients, children’s parties and even an intergenerational living nativity scene.
  • Its professionals are involved in collecting toys, Christmas entertainment, organising concerts and games for chronically ill and hospitalised patients and participating in corporate volunteering days for charities

The Ribera healthcare group is once again turning its attention to its patients at Christmas, thanks to the involvement and support of its professionals, who organise Christmas decoration competitions, special menus, workshops, children’s parties, art exhibitions, nativity scenes and Christmas trees and even an intergenerational living nativity scene which, in this case, is taking place at the Ribera Povisa hospital (Vigo). In addition, throughout this week and the next two, the classic visits of sportsmen, clowns, firemen, children’s characters, Father Christmas and the Three Wise Men to the paediatric wards will take place in most of the centres, to liven up the stay or the consultations of the little ones. The aim, as part of the humanisation plans of the Ribera hospitals, is to try to make patients live and feel the spirit of Christmas, even when they go for a consultation at this time of year, are admitted or spend many hours in the health centre for treatment, such as dialysis or chemotherapy.

Most of these actions are possible thanks to the strong involvement of the group’s professionals in personalised, humanised and quality healthcare, which undoubtedly improves the patient’s experience. In fact, the Christmas decoration competitions between departments of the same hospital aim to give special value to this action that spontaneously arises in each work area. The Vinalopó University Hospital and Denia Hospital have both organised children’s parties, and the latter will also receive a visit from a school in La Xara to sing Christmas carols at the centre.

In addition, this Christmas the Ribera Group has once again made a donation of essential health material and is organising a food collection for the Federation of Ukrainian Associations in Spain and the Spanish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, which helps families from this country displaced by the war, as well as those who remain there. It has also promoted corporate volunteering in many of its work centres, involving professionals in the collection of toys, as in the case of Ribera Juan Cardona with the association Dignidad Galicia, in Ribera Hospital de Molina, with the donation of food for Caritas or the delivery of toys and food by Futurs workers for the Red Cross, as well as in voluntary assistance to the facilities of Casa Caridad in Valencia or Caritas in Elche, to help in the preparation of batches of products for needy families.

The professionals of the Ribera Group also get involved voluntarily in activities and actions to improve the stay of patients at this time of year. For example, at Torrejón Hospital, a craft workshop has been organised to decorate the Christmas tree and a quiz for dialysis patients; a professional at Vinalopó Hospital (Elche) plays the piano at the Day and Dialysis Hospital to brighten up the patients’ stay at the centre, and in Torrejón and Denia micro-concerts have also been organised, while at Ribera Hospital de Molina, Christmas carols are planned.

Finally, several of the Group’s hospitals have also held their respective patient councils at this time to congratulate the patients’ associations on the festive season and the New Year, to take stock of the year and to prepare for the new year, in which involvement and collaboration with these organisations will once again be at a maximum.