• Through its Futurs technology it has acquired 10% of the Kenko Imalytics startup, endorsed by Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV), and has more than ten years experience in data analytics, using MRI images
  • The aim is to transform this program into a tool that helps radiologists to predict and define the development of a breast lesion, with objective data, as well as the stage of a tumor and promote Valencian talent from its universities
  • The new software based on imaging biomarkers will include the possibility of diagnosing through a groundbreaking and innovative virtual biopsy and may manage to reduce false breast cancer diagnoses to a minimum.

The Ribera healthcare group has invested in software that, with advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, establishes biomarkers from MRI images, providing a “virtual biopsy” for a more accurate breast cancer diagnosis. Through its Futurs technology, Ribera has acquired 10% of the startup Kenko Imalytics, the driving force behind this project, which is endorsed and participated in by Valencia’s Polytechnic University (UPV) and with more than ten years experience in the researching of medical images, applying multivariate models based on latent variables (in statistics, variables that are not observed directly).

This agreement confirms the Ribera group’s commitment to one of its strategic cross-disciplinary departments, the Breast department, as well as to open innovation, with their collaboration with startups that develop projects for the healthcare sector. In addition, it is committed to Valencian talent associated with the universities and, especially, to reaching strategic agreements with the UPV, through its startup accelerator and its Biostatistics group. The university hospitals of Torrejón and Vinalopó, as well as Ribera Polusa, Ribera Povisa and Denia hospital are already integrated into Ribera’s Breast Department.

This advanced analysis software enables the recording of biomarkers, using data analysis from thousands of MRI images and artificial intelligence, with the aim of providing information about breast lesions “at pixel level”, predicting cancer early on, detemining the precise stage and presenting it to the radiologist in a format that is easy to interpret. The Ribera group participates in the development of this tool through its Breast Department, which is led by Doctor Julia Camps, to transform it into a platform that helps radiologists in decision making regarding breast cancer, thanks to its more accurate, contrasted analysis which is constantly updated. Doctor Camps reiterates that Ribera’s hospitals have the best professionals and the most advanced technology for diagnosing breast cancer and adds that “tools like this software allow us to advance in precision medicine and provide patients with a better clinical and surgical approach, in an even more personalized way, based on data analytics and artificial intelligence, which will provide increasingly accurate results”

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kenko Imalytics, Eric Aguado, has pointed out that “this software can reduce false diagnoses, both positive and negative, by a significant percentage”. With regard to breast cancer, which is one of the malignant tumors that has become most globally widespread and has advanced most in terms of therapy over the years, we now have very promising results. We are getting closer to a total reduction in  prior incorrect assessments by doctors and improving the results of biomarker identification software currently available on the market”, he affirms.

When a diagnostic imaging professional uses Kenko’s algorithyms “they have an efficient, agile and intuitive tool that allows them to assess a breast cancer case with greater certainty”, as Aguado explains. He insists that one the greatest changes regarding their biomarkers is that it reduces the gap in knowledge between Radiology specialists since “ if cancer is suspected, using our artificial intelligence means that both a resident and a professional with many years of experience will be able to clear up any doubts quickly”.