• The Ribera healthcare group’s laboratory division recommends taking this test between 14 and 21 days after having been vaccinated with the final dose of the vaccine or any time after that period.
  • It is a standard blood draw, it is not necessary to fast and the results are available 48 hours after having the test.

Valencia, 14th, April, 2021 Ribera Lab, the laboratory division of the Ribera healthcare group, has broadened their portfolio of services with the new post-vaccination test, which allows them to confirm the presence of antibodies against Covid and, therefore, the exact immunity of each person to the virus. This test quantifies the IgG directed at the SARS-CoV2 spicule, Coronavirus, which makes it an objective and trustworthy indicator of the level of antibodies acquired after the vaccination and confirms its effectiveness.

Vaccination figures in Spain were at 14.3% on Friday, which means that more than three million people have been vaccinated. However, it is hoped that this figure will increase significantly over the next few weeks, if the the doses of the current vaccines, and that of the new Janssen vaccine, which also only requires one dose, arrive as expected. It is due to this that the blood collection points that Ribera Lab has in its centers, distributed around the majority of Spain, are providing this post-vaccination test from this week.

Ribera Lab’s professionals recommend having this test between 14 and 21 days after having been vaccinated with the final dose of the vaccine. “There isn’t a problem after this period of time either, for example, one month after having received the final dose, because the up-to-date studies that have been carried out confirm that there are people that develop antibodies after 10 days and others after 21 days, as they use tests that quantify the IgG after the person has been exposed to the virus”, they explain.

The post-vaccination test is a simple and painless test. The Ribera Lab  professionals take a standard blood sample, like in a blood test, as they only need a milliliter of serum.

Results are available 48 hours after the blood draw. And, in addition, it is not necessary to fast before the test because food consumption does not interfere with the result.

With all eyes on the upcoming de-escalation and with the aim of guaranteeing that the elderly in particular have the necessary immunity to ensure that they are protected against the virus, this test is recommended.

The Ribera Lab centers that carry out this type of test are located at the Immunological Centre of San Juan (Alicante), and at Ribera Polusa, Ribera Santa Justa and Ribera Almendralejo hospital, in the provinces of Lugo and Badajoz respectively. All of the information regarding this test, and above all those that can detect Coronavirus, is available here.