• The hospitals of Ribera Polusa and Ribera Santa Justa are putting a Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery and Cosmetic Treatments Department into place in their health centres in Lugo and Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz).
  • The hair transplants, carried out by renowned professionals, with cutting-edge techniques, are a definitive solution for 98 percent of cases of androgenetic alopecia, both in men and women.

Valencia, 26th, April, 2021  The Ribera healthcare group has set up a new line of services,  Ribera Aesthetics,  in Ribera Polusa (Lugo) y Ribera Santa Justa (Villanueva de la Serena) hospital, with a special focus on this initial phase for the Hair Transplant Unit. This new area will include cosmetic medicine and surgery and cosmetic treatment services, with all the assurance that a multi-disciplinary team implies, and with the majority of healthcare professionals present, as well as their hospitals’ surgical and medical equipment.

The hair transplant unit, which now attends to patients in both centers, is highly specialized, has certified, renowned professionals, and carries out these interventions with cutting-edge techniques, which provide a definitive solution in 98 percent of cases of androgenetic alopecia, both in men and women. Doctor Carlos Caballero leads this Hair Transplant Unit whose objective is, as he explains, “to help correct alopecia, baldness or the loss of thickness, both in men and women, with implants, since they are a very efficient, definitive solution and they provide a high level of patient satisfaction”. Doctor Caballero points out that, although there is a significant percentage of male patients, “androgenetic alopecia in women is very frequent, with a significant genetic component, but in addition, they tend to suffer from more noticeable psychological consequences than men”.

The Ribera group’s hospitals’ Hair Transplant Unit provides a free initial consultation and guarantees that you are placed in the hands of a qualified professional. Doctor Caballero warns of the dangers of intrusiveness in this discipline and places value on the high level of specialization of this unit in the Ribera group’s hospitals. “We sometimes have to fix real disasters, when patients put themselves in the hands of fake specialists”, he affirms, whilst reminding us that a hair transplant is a surgical act, which requires a specialist, nursing staff and specific equipment.

A hair transplant is a procedure which entails transferring or transplanting follicular units or follicules – also known as grafts – from the back and side areas of the scalp – occipital and temporal parts of the head – to the frontal area, which is the most susceptible when experiencing baldness or alopecia. “We take hair from the back of the scalp, which is free from androgen receptors, not susceptible to loss due to hormonal actions, to implant it at the front, for receeding hairlines, and in the central section as well as the crown”, as the expert of the Ribera Group explains. 

The most important thing, he assures, is to provide a solution to the specific problem of each patient. Therefore, he adds, “the first thing that we do is a trichocopy, a study in which, with a digital microscope, which includes a densitometer, we assess the donor area, the density and the quality of the follicles”. In addition, he explains, an aesthetic design is agreed upon with the patient, as long as it is feasible from the professional’s medical point of view, before proceeding with the extraction and transplant.

For Doctor Caballero preparation prior to the procedure and patient follow-up is also very important. “We do not just do the surgical procedure and that’s that. We want the best results for our patients and, therefore, we offer pre and post-plasma surgery treatments, rich in platelets and blood plasma growth factors from the patient themselves (PRP), capillary mesotherapy with vitamins, and others, as well as a follow-up and complete medical evaluation, which can guide the treatment both pre and post-procedure which is required in a personalized way in each case”, the specialist affirms. Hair implants for eyebrows and beards are also done.