• In the context of World Book Day, Ribera hospitals will decorate some rooms with original texts by this author and influencer, inspired by the importance and value of the care that healthcare professionals provide to patients and their families.
  • In addition, five social media posts are planned and bookmarks will be distributed to patients and professionals with their inspirational quotes.

The Ribera healthcare group and the writer Jose Ángel Gómez Iglesias, better known as Defreds, have launched a special collaboration in which the writer from Vigo has created several inspiring texts with which he raises awareness of the importance of care. This campaign, which is launched in the context of Book Day, reinforces the value of literature and writing as therapeutic support, as well as supporting the responsible health model promoted by the Ribera healthcare group for the care of its patients, with special attention to the professionalism of its healthcare workers, humanisation and care.

The collaboration between the Ribera group and Defreds involves the publication of five publications on social networks, which began on Wednesday 24 April with the phrase “The hug that makes you feel at home. The texts created by Defreds for the Ribera Povisa hospital emphasise the value of care, hope, optimism and support, but as usual in the phrases proposed by the Galician creator, they are open to multiple interpretations depending on the sensitivity of the reader or his or her personal life moment.

The collaboration project has transcended the social networks with different media in Ribera hospitals. On the one hand, the phrases created by Defreds have been reproduced on a physical medium and can now be read in different areas of the group’s health centres, such as waiting rooms, extractions, dialysis units and the day hospital.

In addition, on the occasion of Book Day on 23 April, the Ribera hospitals have distributed bookmarks, in which one of Defreds’ phrases is reproduced, among the patients and professionals in each centre to reinforce the campaign.

The collaboration with Jose Ángel Gómez reinforces the Ribera health group’s commitment to creativity, to add value to its brand, as well as its intention to reach a greater number of people, including young people, and thus contribute to raising awareness of the importance of resorting to official health sources to access reliable health information, from authoritative voices with specialised training.

Recently, the Ribera health group has also collaborated with the designer 72 kilos on the occasion of Health Day, and last year it launched the Rhythms of Life campaign, which combines music and cardiovascular health, and which has already received several awards and distinctions.

Mobile libraries in hospitals, poetry reading and storytelling

The Ribera hospitals have organised a multitude of activities in the context of Book Day, such as the storytelling day at the University Hospital of Torrejón or the poetry recital, accompanied by music, which took place at the University Hospital of Vinalopó. The Cascais Hospital (Portugal), for its part, organised a special day as part of its collaboration with an association of volunteers who read books to children in hospital.

In addition, the university hospitals of Vinalopó (Elche) and Torrejón, the Ribera Povisa hospital (Vigo) and Ribera Hospital de Molina have mobile library services to provide their patients with access to readings that help to improve their physical and emotional well-being, as well as to make their waiting time or admission to day hospital, hospitalisation or dialysis, among others, more pleasant. They also have several fixed points, small libraries, in services such as paediatrics and waiting rooms, psychiatric hospitalisation and emergency observation, among others, depending on the health centre.

Vinalopó and Torrejón launched the initiative based on the donation of books by the professionals of the health centre itself, while in the case of Ribera Hospital de Molina, the project was made possible thanks to the donation of funds from the Municipal Library Network of Molina de Segura.

Video collaboration Defreds Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/C6LhNAviKT9/