• The Breast Department has already started giving the first areola-nipple tattoos with micropigmentation to mastectomy patients.
  • This procedure, which is carried out in consultations in just 30 minutes and is painless, aims to restore body image and improve the quality of life of patients.

The Breast Department of Vinalopó Universitity Hospital, managed by the Ribera healthcare group, offers integrated solutions to breast cancer patients and has become the first center in the Alicante province to give 3D tattoos of the areola-nipple area.

A traditional tattooing technique is used, giving the area in question a 3D appearance. The procedure is carried out in consultations and takes just 30 minutes, is painless, semi-permanent and provides patients with a very realistic result.

Tattoo care is the same as any other type of care that a patient gives to their body: it should be covered for the first 24 hours, with regular washing and hydration of the skin. “Thanks to the addition of this technique to our list of services, patients restore their appearance to that of before the surgery, helping to improve their self-esteem and confidence”, explains Doctor Lorenzo Rabadán, the surgical coordinator of the Ribera healthcare group’s  Breast Department. Doctor Rabadán adds that with nipple tattooing “breast reconstruction is complete”.  

Patient testimonies attest to the good results of this technique and the integrated care that the Breast Department provides in Ribera’s different hopsitals. Some testimonies can be seen here. The women feel like they can move on.

About the Breast Department

Under the corporate management of Julia Camps, a multi-disciplinary team has been put into place in the university hospitals of Torrejón y Vinalopó, Ribera Povisa Hospital, and in the coming weeks in Ribera Polusa Hospital, all of which are managed by the Ribera group. It unites professionals with over 20 years experience in breast pathologies, breast cancer in particular, and provides patients with a shared and transversal program, with personalized care and the best specialists in Spain to evaluate each case in a collaborative and transversal way.

The Breast Department has pushed for the unification of healthcare processes and circuits, applicable in all of the group’s centers, as well as the collaboration of all of the professionals involved in the diagnosis and clinical and surgical approach of the patients, each one from their speciality, but with uniformed criteria. The aim is for all patients to have the best team of professionals in all areas, regardless of where they live, as well as specialists that provide permanent and personalized care within the center to which they attend in the group.