Legal Warning


RIBERA SALUD, S.A.U., (hereinafter, RIBERA SALUD), hereby informs the user that, when they access or use the web page the following terms and conditions apply. We therefore recommend that you read them carefully before accessing our website.

I. General Information.

To comply with section 10 of Law 34/2002 of Society of Information Services and eCommerce (hereinafter, LSSI), RIBERA SALUD, S.A.U, with Tax ID no. A-03681186, informs users that it is a legal entity registered in the Companies Registry of Valencia, in Volume 5953, Folio 212, Book 3259, Section 8, Sheet V-57721, Entry 1, with registered address at Avenida Cortes Valencianas, number 58, Edificio Sorolla Center, 46015 Valencia (Spain). The company’s contact email is and the phone number is (+34) 963 462 591.

The legal entity is the rightful owner of the domain name, and of the website which can be accessed through said domain name

Furthermore, RIBERA SALUD is a Spanish company and the parent company of the RIBERA SALUD Group. This Group of companies:

  1. Manages primary medical care, including outpatient care, urgent care, and home health care services.
  2. Manages health care services, both specialised health care and surgery, by owning and holding real estate and all types of apparatus and facilities which are suitable to provide said type of health care, and to carry out additional diagnosis and treatments.
  3. Carries out activities which aim to promote health care, disease prevention, sanitary education and scientific research.
  4. Carries out clinical analysis, which includes acquiring and administering clinical lab analysis or any assets related thereto, including the use of apparatus and facilities.
  5. Provides consulting activities, including consulting for third parties on matters related to health care, drafting and distribution of studies, reports, projects and plans which are a result of its health care services; planning, executing, supervising, developing, managing and providing technical assistance for health care projects.

II. Intellectual property and copyright

All web contents are protected by the statutes and regulations governing intellectual property and copyright, in particular, Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, on Copyright and Intellectual Property, and Law 17/2001, of 7 December, on Trademarks. The rights to the content are held by RIBERA SALUD or, where applicable, by third parties.

Access to our page shall, in no event, be construed as an assignment, transfer or any type of waiver over the Intellectual Property rights, whether partially or in full. The user may only access our website to view the contents and make private copies; said copies are to be used exclusively by the user, for personal or private matters, and it is strictly forbidden to make commercial use of the contents. The user must refrain from deleting, modifying, circumventing or manipulating any protection measures or safety systems which may be installed on the website.

The user may be in breach of the intellectual property and copyright laws, and any other applicable regulations, if they use the materials and information on the website for non-authorized uses. RIBERA SALUD reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against anyone who violates the company’s intellectual property.

III. General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The user represents that they will use this website in accordance with applicable laws, the present Legal Notice, and any instructions they are made aware of, as well as in accordance with the generally accepted best practices.

It is expressly forbidden to use the website with the intent to damage the interests of RIBERA SALUD and third parties, or in such a manner that the networks, services, IT equipment, products and/or applications of RIBERA SALUD or third parties are flooded, damaged, disrupted or rendered unavailable, thus hindering their normal use.

IV. Disclaimer

RIBERA SALUD shall not be liable for any damage which may result from accessing or browsing this website, such as damage to IT systems in the event of a virus and/or another type of malicious attack, for example.

RIBERA SALUD will be held harmless for damages resulting from an improper use of this website on behalf of the users, and the company will further not be liable in case of incidents in the telecommunications networks, such as denial-of-service or disruptions in said telecommunications lines, which are out of RIBERA SALUD’s control.

RIBER SALUD cannot guarantee that information displayed on the website but taken from third-party sources is true and complete. RIBERA SALUD is further not liable for any websites which do not belong to the RIBERA SALUD Group, and which the user may access via links on the website; RIBERA SALUD cautions the users to read the legal notices and general terms and conditions of use of said third-party sites. Therefore, RIBERA SALUD will not be liable for any damage which the user may suffer as a result of using the information accessed through third-party links; said links shall not be construed or interpreted by the user as an endorsement, sponsorship or recommendations made by RIBERA SALUD.

RIBERA SALUD shall not be liable for any discrepancies which may periodically or provisionally occur between the print edition and the digital information regarding the corporation published on this website.

V. Social Media

Regarding any links to social media which may appear on the website, the company hereby informs the user that RIBERA SALUD is the service provider, in accordance with the definition set forth in the LSSI.

The user is reminded that any hyperlinked social media platforms are governed by their own terms and conditions, which the user must comply with.

VI. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

Any disputes which may arise from the use or browsing of our website will be governed by Spanish Law, and the courts of Valencia shall have jurisdiction over any proceedings.

VII. Miscellaneous.

RIBERA SALUD reserves the right to modify the contents of this website at any given time; said alterations shall not harm the user, and the general terms of conditions applicable to contracts will be complied with.


Last updated on: June 2019.