Ribera Salud Group

Public and private health management

The future is now. Committed to innovation.

We are the only Spanish company devoted, exclusively, to the development of public-private partnership initiatives in the healthcare field with projects in Spain and worldwide. Ribera Salud’s shareholder are Centene Corporation and Bank of Sabadell.


Your health comes first. Patient-focused care.

A basic principle of leading health organizations is placing the patient at the center of the organization. This principle is currently facing great challenges from a changing society. Today, individuals demand more innovative technologies that improve the speed delivery and quality of services. At the same time, the healthcare sector suffers from limited resources with which to deliver an acceptable level of care.


We rely on our team.

Ribera Salud provides an excellent working environment for our team to treat patients and achieve improved health outcomes. We provide all the necessary tools, training and personal development for our healthcare professionals, so that they can provide the best experience for our patients.


Applying the best practices.

Trust. Responsability. Commitment. Loyalty. Integrity. Soundness are the cornerstones of our organization.

The greatest value

The Ribera Salud group aims to be globally recognised in the health sector for being the healthcare management model that creates the greatest value for citizens, institutions and professionals.

The good reputation

According to the Sociological Research Centre, bribery and corruption is the second largest problem for citizens in our society. These malicious practices cause an increase of inequality between different sectors of the population.


Location: Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid)

Opening: 2011

Shareholders: Ribera Salud (90%), Concessia (10%)

Population: 150.000

Number of health centers: 1



Location: Elche (Alicante)

Opening: 2010

Shareholders: Ribera Salud (100%)

Population: 150.000

Number of health centers: 12



Location: Denia (Alicante)

Opening: 2009

Shareholders: Ribera Salud

Population: 160.000

Number of health centers: 45


The Hospital of Santa Justa


Location: Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz)

Opening: 2020

Shareholders: Ribera Salud

Population: 156.000


The Hospital of Polusa


Location: Lugo (Galicia)

Opening: 1981

Shareholders: Ribera Salud (80%)

Population: 327.000 ciudadanos


Povisa Hospital


Location: Vigo (Spain)

Opening: 1973

Shareholders: Ribera Salud (93%)

Population: 140.000


The Hospital of Almendralejo


Location: Almendralejo (Badajoz)

Opening: Enero 2021

Shareholders: Ribera Salud

Population: 33.468 ciudadanos

Molina Hospital


Location: Molina del Segura (Murcia)

Opening: 2000

Shareholders: Ribera Salud



Juan Cardona Hospital


Location: Ferrol (Galicia)

Opening: 1974

Shareholders: Ribera Salud

Population: 66.00


B2B salud

B2B salud is a comprehensive platform for purchases, investments, equipment, general services and consultance which, since 2010 renders services to all of the Group’s health centers as well as other health operators. www.b2bsalud.com

Ribera Lab

Lab, diagnosis and clinical monitoring through clinical and genetic analysis. Specialists in COVID tests for companies, professional associations, groups and social entities. The company has its own laboratory: CIALAB.

BR salud

BR salud is the managing company of the Central Lab of Madrid which through the Hospital Infanta Sofia, renders services to 6 public hospitals and its areas of influence, with over 150 health centers and nurse’s offices and over 1.200.000 citizens. www.brsalud.es


Futurs is a new concept of responsible health in which we combine Ribera Health Group vision and clinical experience and the the latest technology, to provide an optimal and comprehensive response to population needs www.futurshealth.com


Ribera Salud participates in the first two hospitals under the PPP model in Latin America: Hospital Guillermo Kaelin de la Fuente  and Hospital Alberto Leopoldo Barton Thompson in Lima. Ribera Salud has recently taken a further step in this expansion strategy by closing the purchase of a majority share in the Slovak company of radiology and nuclear medicine Pro Diagnostic Group (PDG)


We began our journey over fifteen years ago by focusing on innovation, flexibility and best practices in the public healthcare system. During this time, we have developed public-privae partnerships, have been the leader in innovation and have driven change by using the best healthcare practices.

Integrated Care Services

We have developed new management models that utilize existing resources, avoiding duplication and ensuring quality service. Our patients have benefitted from our integration of different levels of healthcare services (primary and specialized healthcare) providing more accessible, complete attention and faster access.

Fast medical acces

Innovation and Progress

With the implementation of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), we have achieved integrated and efficient medical procedures. These tools enable us to be transparent and agile whe comparing the quality of our care programs. ICTs have improved communications between professionals and patients.

Excellent health results

Patient Focus

We encourage health education, preventive and self-care policies. Our quality procedures allow us to be more decisive, while improving services for our patients. We are the first company in Spain to develop a “Health Portal” which allows us to measure our effectiveness. The site allows us to conduct on line results, and reduce unnecessary primary healthcare visits. Our patients experience early diagnosis of certain diseases in health centers, creating a closer, holistic relationship with the patient.

Better patient satisfaction

Higher Quality and More Efficient Health System

At Ribera Salud, we comprehensively manage the health of our patients in a transparent and results-oriented manner. Our model pursues the most effective use of resources to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes. We are committed to clinical management, safety and incorporating new techniques of partnering with our patients. At Ribera Salud, we place special emphasis on preventive health and have developed protocols for chronic health conditions.

Efficcient cost management

Professional Recognition

Our medical professionals have a critical role in the organization. Ribera Salud developed an innovative Human Resource policy which rewards our professionals based on performance and our five pillars: Continuing education; identifying, managing, talent and retention; clinical research; teaching; professional careers. These are the five policy pillars that contribute to our professional´s satisfaction and SENSE OF BELONGING.

Our professionals recommend working at Ribera Salud

Our PPP model

The challenges in the Healthcare Industry are global. The most socially advanced countries are putting in place reforms in the heathcare system and these reforms have three common points: more fair -introducing public values-, more sustainable and answering to the high levels of specialization the sector requires. The public private partnership in the environment is essential to achieve these objectives.”

Alberto de Rosa

European Managing Director. Centene Corporation


The Administration pays an annual fixed and pre-established amount for each of the citizens in the area.


The public nature of the health service is guaranteed at all times.


The franchisee company is subject to the fulfillment of the clauses set out in the bid specifications.


The franchisee companys commits to the good running and management of the public service.



Our model is the best option to upgrade public healthcare while keeping its univers values contributing to the long-term sustainability of the healthcare system.

Thousand yearly communication between patients and professionals through healthcare portals.

Millions invested in public infrastructures during the concession period.

Annual scientific publications and research projects.

Labor and statutory professionals.


of our patients are satisfied with the attention received in our centers.


of our professionals recommend working with our model.


of the contracts are indefinite with a career model for all ranks.


savings for the Administration.


Since the model was first introduced in 1999 with the Hospital of La Ribera, countless bodies and institutions worldwide have shown interest in knowing and studying Ribera Salud’s management model.

Partnership in International Studies


The search for low-cost integrated healthcare. The Alzira model from the Valencian Community. NHS European Office. NHS Confederation. March 2011  


Accountable Care. Focusing accountability on the outcomes that matter. Report of the Accountable Care. Dr Mark McClellan. Working Group 2013  


Spain: Reinventing chronic care management for the elderly. Brookings Institute. Dr Mark McClellan. April 2015


Included as case study in Harvard Business School. October 2015.


Currently working on a paper led by professor Richard M. Scheffer whose first findings were presented in Madrid in June 2015 in the Conference “Healthcare systems integration in Spain and around the word: new scientific evidence”.

Quality Certificates


Ribera Salud aims for Excellence in Management, establishing the framework with which to develop its vocation of public service and applying the best healthcare practices known so far. Currently, Ribera Salud’s centers are in the process of being accredited by the International Joint Commission.  


AENOR. Certificate according to the UNE regulation in ISO 9001:2008 to Ribera Salud Group, B2B Salud, several services and health center of La Torrevieja, Vinalopo and Denia. Additionally, La Ribera holds the Energy Management Certificate according to the UNE-EN 1600 regulation, The OHSAS 18001 Certificate its risk prevention management, the ISO 50001 Certificate and the ISO 14001 Certificate regarding the environment.


The Central Lab BR Salud holds the ENAC Certificate which accredits the technical competence according to the criteria set out in the UNE ISO 15189:2013 regulation and the BUREAU VERITAS certificate for its quality management system according to UNE regulation in ISO 9001.


Hospital and primary care centers are accredited in the second phase of the certification process of the IHAN which in Spanish stands for (Humanization of the Assistance to birth and lactation).



The website www.paritoriosonline.com and the program “Sport and Pregnancy” of the departments of Torrevieja and Vinalopo, recognized in the Manual of Good Practices of the Ministry of Health in 2015 and 2016.


“Doing business. Equal in opportunities” Hallmark. From the Welfare Department to Marina Salud and Vinalopo Salud for its Gender Equality Policy.


Five Joint Commission International Gold Seal for Torrevieja and Vinalopo University Hospitals and San Luis, Crevillente and Carlet Primary Care Centers.



University Hospital of La Ribera. 10 awards TOP 20 highlighting Best Hospital in Spain in its category in the years 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2004 and 2005.

University Hospital of Torrevieja. 28 awards TOP 20, highlighting Best Hospital in Spain in its category in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

University Hospital of Vinalopo. 5 awards TOP 20 highlighting Best Hospital in Spain in its category in the years 2012 and 2015.


University Hospital of La Ribera. 8 BIC awards highlighting Best Hospital in Spain in 2015.

University Hospital of Torrevieja. 6 BIC awards. (Best Hospital, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Ophtalmology) in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Hospital of Vinalopo. BIC award to the Allergy Treatment Service in 2014.


2014. Award in the management category: BI Cognos introduced in Vinalopo and Torrevieja. 2013. Award in the healthcare policy category: Plan of Chronic patients in Torrevieja and Vinalopo. 2012. Award in the management category: B2B’s purchasing platform. 2011. Award in the management category: Multihospital model of shared services of the hospitals of Torrevieja, Vinalopo and Torrejon. 2007. The Hospital of Torrevieja is awarded for its emergency assistance in summer time 2006. The Hospital of La Ribera is awarded for its career model. Diario Médico web


2016. Award to ” The best company in job creation”

2014. Award to ” The best 100 ideas” for the BI Cognos project.

2012, 2013 and 2014. Pablo Gallart, Financial Manager of the Group, among the top 100 in Spain.

2009, 2010 and 2015. In the ranking “Best 100 companies to work for”.


Different media companies both general and specialized have recognized our work: 2012. Awarded in the 10th Edition of the “EMPRENDEDORES Y EMPLEO” awards regarding the innovation in HR for its pionner project in trust management for the humanization of healthcare. “A tu Salud” award by LA RAZON for the Plan for Chronic Patients. (2015) and for the Plan of Health Promotion (2013). 2014. COPE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY award in the Healthcare category. MEDICAL ECONOMICS award as best privately managed public hospital in Torrevieja (2011) and Alzira (2015) DIRIGENTES award for “Best business management” (2014) and Alberto de Rosa as Manager of the Year 2011.


  • Company adhered to the Charter for Diversity, European initiative for the voluntarily commitment to support the principles of inclusion of diversitty and non-discrimination in the work environment.
  • Ambassador of the Foundation for Justice.
  • Company adhered to the campaign by the Charity House “Companies with value”.
  • Member of the PPP Forum.   Only multisectorial association that represents the companies that work in the administrative concession for services and infrastructures in Spain.
  • Member of the Club of First Brands by the Mediterranean Marketing Club which gathers the most influential brands of the Valencia Community.
  • Member company of the VIT Health Valencia, a network of cooperation for the promotion and transfer of technology and know-how.
  • Award to the company with the best practices in people management by the Association of People Management and Human Resources of the Valencian Community. (AEDIPE CV).
  • Save Customers Money Award in 2009 by Microsoft to the best IT solution for the electronic clinical history Florence.
  • ComputerWord Award in 2008 and 2011 for the use of ITC in the healthcare sector for promoting public welfare.



Sorolla Center Building.

Avda.Cortes Valencianas, 58.

46015 Valencia SPAIN

Phone. +34 96 346 25 91