• The Murcian group has clinics specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and with professionals in Cardiology, Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Traumatology, Endocrinology and Nutrition, among others.

The Ribera healthcare group has invested in Cardiosalus, a group of clinics specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease, with professionals specialising in Cardiology, Sports Medicine, Traumatology, Physiotherapy, Digestive System, Urology, Endocrinology, Dermatology and Cosmetic Medicine, Clinical and Sports Nutrition, and which is a benchmark in the Region of Murcia.

Ribera, which enters the project with a majority stake, aims to help Cardiosalus’ professionals to give a new boost to its activity and growth, while the group continues its expansion in this autonomous community, where it already manages the Virgen de la Caridad medical group, with hospitals in Cartagena and Caravaca and 32 polyclinics in the region, as well as Ribera Hospital de Molina, in Molina de Segura.

Ribera’s entry into Cardiosalus confirms its commitment to the Region of Murcia and the growth of its services and specialised areas, for the personalised approach of patients seeking a comprehensive improvement for the treatment of a pathology or for the prevention of illnesses and to improve their state of health. The Ribera Group has, among others, a Heart Area, a Breast Area, the Radiological Ring, or the Ribera Lab laboratories, among others.

The Cardiosalus clinics in Murcia have professionals specialised in cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation, medical check-ups, physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation, clinical and sports nutrition. It also offers its patients a global approach with the latest diagnostic technology, for example, in the performance of echocardiography, stress tests with ergospirometry and 3D biomechanics, the measurement of blood and genetic biomarkers, as well as the latest techniques for the treatment of muscle and joint injuries with echodirected echocardiography.

For the CEO of the Ribera healthcare group, the Cardiosalus project “is a very valuable addition to the group’s expansion in the Iberian Peninsula, but especially in the Region of Murcia”. She also assures that “personalised and precision medicine in specialised areas allows us to have the best professionals in Spain to improve these services, in a transversal way, in all our hospitals and clinics”.

For the directors and professionals of the Cardiosalus group, the entry of the Ribera health group represents “a very important boost from a national and international reference group, to a pioneering project in our Region that wants to continue growing: “We have always believed in our health and prevention project, and our slogan – we care for your health – reflects our objective from day one, and the Ribera group has this same philosophy, so by joining their health experience we can care for and give health to many more people”.