The technology company Futurs offers work to Ukranian asylum seekers in Spain

The technology company Futurs offers work to Ukranian asylum seekers in Spain

  • The program offers positions for software development, IT operations and system administration profiles who’ll work on international projects, although it’s open to finding positions that best suit the candidates’s profiles.
  • Futurs is commited to offering the recruits an individual training plan, Spanish language teachers, logistical and financial assistance to settle in Spain and medical advice through Minds, its emotional well-being service , as well as support from their colleagues within the company.

MADRID, MARCH 21, 2022 – In compliance with its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, Futurs, the technology division of the Ribera healthcare group, has activated a new fast-track employment opportunities program aimed at Ukrainian citizens who had to leave their country due to the crisis in Ukraine. Thanks to this program, the company is speeding up its application, assessment, interview and selection processes to facilitate the hiring of Ukrainians relocated to Spain, supporting them during all phases of the process (including paperwork, relocation and adaptation) and always maintaining all legal guarantees.

The profiles offered by Futurs are software development, IT operations and system administrators. In both cases, they‘ll be working on international projects in a English speaking environment. However, the leading technology company in the healthcare sector is open to finding specific positions that best suit the profiles of the candidates.

The people hired will receive an individual training plan from Futurs so that they can obtain the necessary knowledge for their work and their development. In the event that they don’t speak Spanish, they’ll be able to count on teachers who’ll teach them the language to facilitate their adaptation to their new place of residence.


Futurs will help in everything necessary for the recolated Ukrainian citizens to move with all the guarantees to Alicante/Elche, Spain. From the beginning, the company will help in all the necessary initial steps so that both the selected people and their families can settle down without any problems. To this end, both logistical and financial assistance will be offered for the search and access to housing, as well as for settling in.

Within the company, new recruits will have a buddy, a colleague who’ll accompany them at all times during their onboarding process in the company. They’ll also have the People Management Department and the Legal Department at their disposal, with the aim of facilitating as much as possible both the adaptation and the necessary steps during the process. In addition, Futurs offers the possibility of receiving individual medical support to help maintain the emotional well-being of the person.


Futurs is the technological division of the Ribera healthcare group. Founded in 2019 as a new concept of responsible health, it unites the vision and clinical experience of more than 20 years of the Ribera healthcare group and the most innovative technology, with proprietary solutions and a clear commitment to co-innovation, to provide an optimal and comprehensive response to the healthcare needs of health professionals and the current and future population.

Futurs’ objective is to improve and innovate the technology associated with healthcare, in order to achieve better levels of health and well-being for people. We develop technology that helps to improve healthcare and healthcare excellence. In addition, we’re aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, to contribute to the local and economic development of our environment and add value to society.

Ribera launches Minds, a digital emotional well-being program, with continuous monitoring from the therapist

Ribera launches Minds, a digital emotional well-being program, with continuous monitoring from the therapist

⦁ The healthcare group strengthens its Mental Health department, after noticing an increased demand for online specialized and personalized care due to the pandemic.
⦁ In addition to videoconsultations, customized therapy is provided, with exercises, audios and guided techniques through a mobile application, in which the patient feels the support of a specialist throughout their treatment.

Valencia, 13th, December, 2021 – The Ribera healthcare group has launched Minds, a digital emotional well-being program, which enables continuous monitoring from a therapist and makes use of a multitude of emotional support resources 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Minds was created with the aim of responding to an increase in demand for personalized, specialized and online mental healthcare, due to the pandemic that we have been living through since almost two years ago. With this emotional wellness program, which is accessed through a mobile application, the patient can contact a therapist for video consultations and communicate with them via chat. They can also access the necessary resources at any time, in audio format or with guided exercises and techniques, to help them to overcome anxiety, sadness or loneliness. These feelings, together with problems regarding stress, sleep or related to food are some of the most common when looking for help.

“What differentiates Mind from other psychological support services is the therapist’s continuous accompaniment, with the Ribera group guarantee, whereby we provide a personalized plan for each case”, Belén Vázquez, healthcare psychologist of the group, explains. She adds that “Minds is not just for those with a severe problem, because we also help those who are going through a difficult situation or feel that they have a very poor emotional state”. Lucía Fernández Riesco, also a Ribera healthcare psychologist, assures that “at Minds, the therapist reviews and assigns the emotional support content that is given to the patient on a daily basis, so that they advance every day in terms of acquiring or recuperating psychological abilities which allow them to control or overcome those feelings that overwhelm them.

This personalized digital therapy program of the Ribera healthcare group is very easy to use and allows the user to access the recommended materials for their therapy at any moment and from anywhere, after installing the mobile application. To begin with, a therapist carries out a preliminary evaluation in order to determine the needs of each person. From that moment, the user or patient can schedule their video consultations and, in addition, they have a permanent chat at their disposal to answer any questions.

For more information about this service, you can visit:

The Ribera Group joins the “One Health” strategy to promote “a global vision of health all over the world”

The Ribera Group joins the “One Health” strategy to promote “a global vision of health all over the world”

  • Human health, animal health and the health of ecosystems are the main areas that are considered to have a decisive impact on Public Health.
  • The objective is to increase communication and interdisciplinary collaboration to approach health from an integrated point of view, including health, economic, social and cultural factors.

Valencia, 2nd, September, 2021 –  The Ribera healthcare group has joined the “One Health” strategy to promote “a global vision of health all over the world” according to the healthcare director, Doctor Carlos Catalán. With ten hospitals and 62 Primary Care centers in Spain, more than 7,000 professionals, a million patients annually, 46 quality accreditations and 175 national and international awards, the Ribera group frames this within their responsible health model which bases its strategy on improving the health and well-being of citizens.

“One Health” is a global initiative that aims to improve communication and interdisciplinary collaboration in taking care of the health of people, animals and the environment, with it being understood that there are many factors that influence care in Public Health and the well-being of the global population. “We are experiencing a historical moment, with a global pandemic as a consequence of Covid, which should make us reconsider the importance of approaching the health of the population from a holistic perspective”, Doctor Catalán explains.

In fact, this initiative, promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), promotes collaboration between institutions, health organizations, professional bodies and universities. Its aim is to approach the health challenges of the population from an integrated point of view, considering not only the interrelation between the health of the population and that of animals, a key aspect after the appearance of viruses that have led to epidemics and to this pandemic, but all factors that have an influence.   

“Health, economic, social and cultural factors greatly influence resource organization and planning, as well as preventative measures and the healthcare of the population”, explains Doctor Catalán. “With this exchange of information, data and opinions we should be capable of finding more effective solutions to the health challenges that society has, especially after having faced this pandemic”, he adds.

There are many organizations in Spain, the Ribera group among them, that have joined this global initiative. Amongst others, of note are Spain’s General Council of Nursing, the General Pharmaceutical Council, the General Council of Veterinary Associations, Spain’s Medical College Organization, the General Council of Official Medical Colleges, the National Conference of Deans of Nursing, the National Conference of Medical School Deans and the Conference of Veterinary School Deans in Spain.