Ribera invests in the startup Serenmind in order to develop an accompanying digital psychological program for patients with breast cancer

Ribera invests in the startup Serenmind in order to develop an accompanying digital psychological program for patients with breast cancer

  • The healthcare group and the company specialized in remote self-guided therapies have developed a pilot project together for primary healthcare in the health departments of Vinalopó and  Torrevieja, in the context of the Lanzadera Corporate Program.
  • The new protocol is supervised by Ribera’s multi-disciplinary Breast Department team, composed of psycho-oncologists, case manager nurses, radiologists, surgeons, pathologists and oncologists, amongst others.

The Ribera healthcare group has formalized its commitment to the startup Serenmind, with the first investment aimed at the co-creation of a specialized online psychological program, which serves as support for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. This alliance is framed within a wider project, which encompasses the vertical integration of Mental Health and Oncology and confirms Ribera’s commitment to co-innovation and the digital transformation of healthcare.

This alliance between Ribera and Serenmind strengthens the shared and transversal program of the healthcare group’s Breast Department, enabling fast, personalized and specialized attention for patients with breast cancer. Ribera’s Breast Department, composed of a multi-disciplinary team, led by Julia Camps, has radiologists, surgeons, pathologists and oncologists, in addition to psycho-oncologists and nursing staff managing each case, accompanying the patients and enabling them to manage appointments for consultations, check-ups and treatment. 

The project that they are going to develop now with Serenmind will allow for greater emotional support for patients at the different stages of the disease, with 24 hour individual support and follow-up, thanks to the application of this startup, which is going to prepare, together with the Breast Department team, materials adapted to each one of the moments that these patients will go through. These include audios, self-guided therapy sessions, mindfulness and relaxation techniques themselves, as well as statistics for them to monitor any changes and assess their acquired skills. The project has already been approved by the Research Ethics Committee in order to carry out a multicenter study in Torrejón University Hospital, Vinalopó University Hospital and Ribera Povisa Hospital, with the aim of analysing its acceptability and preliminary effectiveness.

Ribera and Serenmind have already collaborated previously, on the development of a pilot project for online psychological healthcare in the primary care centers of Vinalopó and Torrevieja’s health departments, managed by the healthcare group, in the context of the corporate program, Lanzadera. The pilot was a success, with very positive results: the use of the application reduced the symptoms of depression by 6 points and patient anxiety by 7.3 points. Furthermore, it had a satisfaction rate of 80%.