Ribera creates a channel with music playlists and a health podcast to help the well-being of patients.

Ribera creates a channel with music playlists and a health podcast to help the well-being of patients.

  • The healthcare group have created a Spotify profile, with songs that have been adapted to patients with long treatments or rehabilitation, in order to relax, travel and do sports and will incorporate content for breastfeeding mothers or for getting a baby to sleep, amongst other things.
  • Each month it will publish a health podcast, which will begin this Sunday, on World Radio Day, with mental health experts.

The Ribera healthcare group has created a channel on Spotify, one of the platforms with the most powerful audio content, with music playlists and health podcasts specially designed to help the well-being of their patients. In the context of World Radio Day, which is celebrated this Sunday, and within their humanisation of healthcare project, in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Ribera Group has created a profile on this social network. It includes music distribution lists for patients that want to relax during treatment at the hospital or at home or are on their way to the healthcare centre for a surgery or diagnostic test.

Experts affirm that “music is a remedy for any moment”. It is for good reason that treatments such as music therapy have been implemented in several of the Group’s hospitals. The objective of the Spotify channel is, above all, to improve and liven up the stay of the patients who are admitted, those that have to go frequently and for treatments that take a long time such as dialysis or chemotherapy, but also to help those who feel stressed in their daily lives, find it difficult to sleep or feel motivated by music when it comes to practising healthy habits such as doing exercise. The idea is to expand the playlists little by little in a collaborative way and with the participation of the professionals, in order to meet the needs of all patient profiles: breastfeeding mothers, first time parents that are looking for music to calm their babies, post-surgery or children’s songs, amongst others.

Furthermore, the first “Un café a tu salud” podcast will be uploaded this Sunday, which will be done on this platform on a monthly basis, in order to delve into subjects related to well-being and health, together with Ribera’s professionals and patient associations, amongst  others. The first podcast is dedicated to mental health and what is already known as “the silent pandemic” will be discussed within it, whilst the psychologists and experts in this area in several of the Group’s hospitals will give advice and talk about therapies such as    Minds, which have been well received as treatment for problems with anxiety, stress, jealousy or even pandemic-induced sadness or fatigue.

With this new audio content tool, the Ribera healthcare group wants to suggest music to people through their profile and playlists on this social network, which helps them at every crucial moment, at hospital or at home. This is in addition to health advice and the voice and opinion of professionals, patients and associations in its podcast, in order to know current topics related to healthcare and physical and emotional well-being first hand.

To listen to the podcast, patients simply have to search for “Un café a tu salud grupo sanitario Ribera” and  “grupo sanitario Ribera”. to listen to music.