Ribera launches Minds, a digital emotional well-being program, with continuous monitoring from the therapist

Ribera launches Minds, a digital emotional well-being program, with continuous monitoring from the therapist

⦁ The healthcare group strengthens its Mental Health department, after noticing an increased demand for online specialized and personalized care due to the pandemic.
⦁ In addition to videoconsultations, customized therapy is provided, with exercises, audios and guided techniques through a mobile application, in which the patient feels the support of a specialist throughout their treatment.

Valencia, 13th, December, 2021 – The Ribera healthcare group has launched Minds, a digital emotional well-being program, which enables continuous monitoring from a therapist and makes use of a multitude of emotional support resources 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Minds was created with the aim of responding to an increase in demand for personalized, specialized and online mental healthcare, due to the pandemic that we have been living through since almost two years ago. With this emotional wellness program, which is accessed through a mobile application, the patient can contact a therapist for video consultations and communicate with them via chat. They can also access the necessary resources at any time, in audio format or with guided exercises and techniques, to help them to overcome anxiety, sadness or loneliness. These feelings, together with problems regarding stress, sleep or related to food are some of the most common when looking for help.

“What differentiates Mind from other psychological support services is the therapist’s continuous accompaniment, with the Ribera group guarantee, whereby we provide a personalized plan for each case”, Belén Vázquez, healthcare psychologist of the group, explains. She adds that “Minds is not just for those with a severe problem, because we also help those who are going through a difficult situation or feel that they have a very poor emotional state”. Lucía Fernández Riesco, also a Ribera healthcare psychologist, assures that “at Minds, the therapist reviews and assigns the emotional support content that is given to the patient on a daily basis, so that they advance every day in terms of acquiring or recuperating psychological abilities which allow them to control or overcome those feelings that overwhelm them.

This personalized digital therapy program of the Ribera healthcare group is very easy to use and allows the user to access the recommended materials for their therapy at any moment and from anywhere, after installing the mobile application. To begin with, a therapist carries out a preliminary evaluation in order to determine the needs of each person. From that moment, the user or patient can schedule their video consultations and, in addition, they have a permanent chat at their disposal to answer any questions.

For more information about this service, you can visit: https://riberasalud.com/minds/