Following the announcement by the Conselleria de Sanitat to terminate the concession contract in the Dénia Health Department -DDS-, the Ribera Health Group is working not only to prepare a large amount of information for the new manager, but also to transfer to other health departments the services and activities it offers in Dénia, beyond its own contractual obligations.

This has been announced by the Managing Director of the DSD, Dr. Javier Palau, who warns that “with the departure of Marina Salud, some services will have to be terminated in this department, both care and non-care services, which cannot be extended beyond January 2024, according to the Reversion Rules”.

The Fibromyalgia Clinic, the only one of its kind in the Valencian Community, with more than 2,000 chronic patients treated in recent years, will be transferred to another of the hospitals run by Ribera.

In addition, the music therapy, psychoexpressive therapy and prenatal singing workshops, so highly valued by patients in the Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Oncology, Obstetrics, Fibromyalgia and Haemodialysis Unit, will no longer be able to continue.

Other actions, not foreseen in the specifications and closely related to the quality perceived by users, which will cease to be carried out is the regular holding of the Patients’ Council, a communication forum that brings together all the patients’ associations in the Marina Alta region. Similarly, the Patient Experience Committees and their focus groups, aimed at the continuous improvement of health service provision, will have to be discontinued.

Similarly, the Virtual Counter app, which has put the results of radiological tests, anticoagulation guidelines, online check-in on arrival at the hospital, obtaining proof of attendance at the doctor, resolving queries, requesting appointments, clinical documentation or prescription renewals, will also no longer be available on users’ mobile phones.

Among the non-care services, but with a very important socio-cultural stamp, projects such as cuidArt or Integralia will come to an end next January.

cuidArt is the art project of the Dénia Hospital, a pioneer in Spain and a cultural reference in the Marina Alta, with a renowned permanent art collection that will have to be returned to its owners, and an exhibition hall that will cease to host travelling exhibitions.

For its part, the Integralia Foundation has been offering employment since 2009 to almost thirty professionals from the region with functional diversity in the Call Centre of the Dénia Hospital. Although the Ribera Health Group is working to give continuity to this project in its other hospitals, the contract at the Dénia centre will also end next January.

For Dr. Palau “these and other services, which provide additional value to healthcare services, are quality bonuses that the Ribera Group adds to its contractual obligations and whose maintenance, which is also established with supplier companies, will end in Dénia in January 2024. However, Ribera plans to transfer them to other health departments, such as Vinalopó or Torrejón Hospital.