• Ritmos de Vida and Hablemos del suicidio have been recognised for their innovation and integral concept in one of the most important creative events of the year, which aims to give visibility to integral health and wellbeing campaigns.

The Saniss Health and Wellness Awards have awarded the creative campaigns of the Ribera health group for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (Ritmos de Vida) and suicide (Hablemos del suicidio) in the categories of innovation, integrated campaign and public relations, in the first case, and as a prevention campaign in the second. Rhythms of Life received one gold and two silvers and Let’s Talk about Suicide received one silver.

The Saniss Health and Wellness Awards were created to give visibility to the best strategic and creative campaigns in the health and wellness sector on five continents, with the aim of multiplying the effect of the messages of these campaigns and reaching a greater number of citizens around the world. Its roots lie in the Wina Festival, an independent, international event that brings together agencies from around the world to present case studies and campaigns with social impact.

Both Ritmos de Vida and Hablemos del suicidio are two health campaigns of the Ribera Group that have already been awarded and recognised by organisations and events in the health sector, but also in the creative field, for their originality and impact. Ritmos de Vida unites health and music to raise awareness of cardiovascular diseases and associated risk factors, with a singular and unique element, the first ever arrhythmic metronome, which sways to the “rhythm” of Adrian’s sick heart, a patient with arrhythmia. This specially built arrhythmic metronome is the centrepiece of all the initiatives organised by the Ribera Group and linked to this cardiovascular health awareness and education campaign, including a travelling exhibition in the Group’s hospitals, musical compositions recorded to the rhythm of this metronome, awareness days with patients and a website with healthy advice on how to take care of your heart. Ribera has worked on this initiative with Maart Agency, responsible for the creative idea, and with Estudio Espadaysantacruz, manufacturer of the personalised arrhythmic metronome.

The “blank campaign” Let’s talk about suicide is the Ribera Group’s initiative to highlight the social and media silence on this behaviour, with the aim of showing that this lack of information does not favour its prevention or provide tools to deal with the avalanche of cases that we suffer as a society. Let’s talk about suicide aims to help prevent the decision to end one’s life voluntarily, and to raise public awareness of the need to detect its symptoms and warning signs among family members, friends and colleagues. In Spain alone, an average of ten people take their own lives every day, approximately every two and a half hours.