• The healthcare group have signed an agreement with the International Breast Cancer Center so that their patients can access clinical trials, innovative drugs and translational, national and international research projects that Doctor Cortés leads.
  • The Ribera group’s Breast department is already a benchmark in terms of technology, Radiology, Pathology and Oncoplastic Surgery with its 3D contrast-enhanced mammograms, rapid breast biopsies, genetic signatures, breast-conserving surgery and nipple tattooing.

Valencia, 16th, September, 2021 –  The Ribera healthcare group and the International Breast Cancer Center (IBCC), in Barcelona, have signed an agreement in order to incorporate the experience and knowledge of Javier Cortés’ team of oncologists and researchers into Ribera’s Breast Department, which Julia Camps manages. Thanks to this strategic alliance, the breast cancer patients from Ribera’s hospitals will be assessed at the Tumor Committee by the IBCC professionals, which have joined the multidisciplinary Breast Department team, and will have access to clinical trials, innovative drugs and translational, national and international research projects, led by Doctor Cortés.

The IBCC is the first center in Spain that is hyperspecialized in the treatment of breast cancer, led by Doctor Javier Cortés and his team, created from a global, humanistic and scientific point of view, with more than 20 years of experience in research and breast cancer treatment.

Ribera group’s Breast Department is already a benchmark in terms of technology, Radiology, Pathology and Oncoplastic Surgery and brings together 50 professionals from different departments, with more than 20 years of experience in breast pathologies. Their work is based on knowledge shared through the breast committees of the different (translational) hospitals, providing patients with personalized healthcare and the best specialists in order to assess each case in a collaborative way. Networking from Ribera’s different hospitals, provides patients with innovative technology, such as their 3D contrast-enhanced mammograms, pioneering techniques such as rapid breast biopsies and genetic signature in the initial biopsy, as well as specific surgical approaches (precision medicine), emotional support and nipple tattooing, amongst others.

“The addition of the knowledge and experience of the IBCC and Doctor Cortés’ team to the Ribera group’s Breast Department is a milestone that allows us to offer our patients hyperspecialized, innovative and cutting-edge healthcare in the diagnosis and treatment of this pathology”, explains Doctor Julia Camps, the Corporate Chief of the Breast Department, who added that “ours has been a natural alliance”. “We are the perfect partners, we share the same philosophy and values, vocation of service and excellence, experience, involvement, professionalism, vanguard and innovation”, affirms Doctors Camps, who reiterates that personalized healthcare and the monitoring of patients, as well as precision medicine (the appropriate treatment, at the right time) is key for both entities. 

“I think that it is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, for the IBCC, which is exclusively specialized in breast cancer; for the Ribera group; and, ultimately, for the patients of this cancer”, Doctor Javier Cortés states.

He points out that “the Ribera group is very serious about patient care, the logistics of patient care, so that they are well taken care of, truly, and they have the best imaging strategies, with rapid diagnoses and, furthermore, of good quality” and he adds that “if they ask me why Ribera, I say because they have firmly committed to breast pathologies and because it is Julia Camps who manages and coordinates this department, objectively recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities regarding MRIs of the breast, together with a team of brilliant professionals”.

Therefore, by combining the efforts of the two groups and optimizing the best of each, we believe that we can become leaders in Spain from both a healthcare and clinical research point of view, at least in breast cancer, for the time being”, highlights Doctor Cortés.