• The healthcare group is offering 2023 nursing graduates jobs adapted to their needs this summer in any of its hospitals, accompanied by sporting, leisure and cultural activities.
  • The lack of health professionals in Spain and in Europe, especially during the holiday period, sharpens the ingenuity to attract professionals.
  • Ribera will also reward its professionals who recommend profiles in demand, medical and nursing staff to join the group’s work centres.

The Ribera healthcare group has launched itself into the search for and attraction of healthcare talent to work this summer in any of its hospitals with an original proposal for this year’s nursing graduates: the “Ribera Summer Experience” plan. This programme offers flexible work contracts, but also sports, leisure and cultural activities for young professionals who are joining the organisation and who, as well as starting their professional career, are looking for a good working environment, accompanied by new experiences.

The lack of healthcare professionals in Spain and Europe, especially during the holiday period, has led the Ribera Group and its People Department to sharpen its wits to come up with new and even more attractive job offers to attract talent in a sector with a high demand. The General Council of Nurses stated this winter that the Spanish healthcare system “urgently” needs 95,000 nursing professionals to bring us into line with the European average. “With an average of 652 nurses per 100,000 inhabitants, Spain is sixth from the bottom in the European Union, where the average is 827,” it said. The most innovative hook to attract recently graduated nursing professionals is the “Ribera Summer Experience” plan.

Candidates can choose to work in any of the hospitals that the Ribera Group has in Torrejón, Vigo, Lugo, Ferrol, Elche, Denia, Molina de Segura and Cartagena, if they have graduated with the class of 2023. The offers are adapted to the needs and summer planning of the new professionals and, in addition, are accompanied by a wide range of leisure activities, chosen by the candidates themselves depending on the hospital where they will start working. Excursions and getaways, visits to museums, relaxation activities, tickets to events, sports courses, sightseeing tours, etc. are offered.


New proposals to attract talent

In addition to the novel proposal of the “Ribera Summer Experience”, the health group has activated other initiatives to amplify as much as possible and give the widest possible dissemination to its job offers in the health sector. Thus, the campaign to attract nursing staff, beyond recent graduates, has been launched with the commitment of a stable job offer and professional development in a team characterised by a good atmosphere and companionship. The job offer is open for this profile of professionals in the group’s hospitals in Torrejón, Vigo, Lugo, Ferrol, Elche, Denia, Molina de Segura and Cartagena.

Another initiative that the healthcare group launched last year for nursing professionals and which it is repeating this year, extending it to other professional categories in the group, consists of rewarding the recommendation of talent for certain healthcare profiles. Thus, in addition to nursing staff, Ribera rewards the involvement of its own professionals in the search and recruitment of certain medical specialties in different hospitals of the group.

According to the Spanish Medical Association (OMC), there are some 270,000 registered doctors in Spain and of these, some 42,000 work in primary care, one of the specialities with the greatest problem of generational replacement (two thirds of professionals are over 50 years old, and only 14% are under 40 years old, according to the same organisation). However, there is an increasing number of specialities in which there is a shortage of professionals to cover the supply that the public and private healthcare system is offering.