• These awards, leaders in the health sector and with 27 years of experience, reward the creativity of health products and services as well as the communication that companies make of these products and services.
  • The Ribera health group has already received several awards that recognise its commitment to design and imagination to highlight the importance of disease prevention and present formats and actions that are more attractive to citizens.

This year’s Aspid awards have recognised the originality and great acceptance among patients of Lola, the virtual caregiver of the Ribera healthcare group, as well as the creativity of the cardiovascular disease prevention campaign, Ritmos de Vida, with gold and silver awards respectively. These awards, leaders in the health sector and with 27 years of experience, reward the creativity of both health products and services and the communication that companies make of them.

Lola, the virtual caregiver of the Ribera healthcare group, developed in collaboration with the startup Tucuvi, is a voice and artificial intelligence technology that already allows several of the group’s hospitals to remotely monitor and control thousands of patients with various pathologies related to respiratory problems, such as COPD, as well as palliative patients, whether oncological or not. Lola is a platform capable of making multiple calls in a short interval of time without the patient needing advanced technology beyond a telephone. This virtual caregiver collects and processes all the information provided by the patient, to whom she asks the appropriate questions. In the event of decompensation of the patient’s vital signs or any sign of worsening health, she issues the corresponding alert for a healthcare professional to contact the patient.

Ritmos de Vida, on the other hand, is one of the most recent health campaigns of the Ribera health group that has already been awarded and recognised by organisations and events in the health sector, but also in the creative field, for its originality and impact. Ritmos de Vida unites health and music to raise awareness of cardiovascular diseases and the associated risk factors, with a singular and unique element, the first ever arrhythmic metronome, which sways to the “rhythm” of Adrian’s sick heart, a patient with arrhythmia. This purpose-built metronome is the centrepiece of a series of initiatives organised by the healthcare group in its hospitals and clinics, all linked to cardiovascular health awareness and education for its patients. These include, among others, a travelling exhibition in the group’s hospitals, musical compositions recorded to the rhythm of this metronome, awareness-raising sessions with patients and a website with healthy advice on how to take care of the heart. Ribera has worked on this initiative with Maart Agency, responsible for the creative idea, and with Estudio Espadaysantacruz, manufacturer of the personalised arrhythmic metronome.

The Aspid awards ceremony took place on Tuesday afternoon at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, and those in charge of collecting the awards were Ribera’s Digital Transformation Officer, Tania Menéndez, and the group’s Brand Manager, Mónica Jaén, together with doctors Maikel Ayo, Hospital Medical Services Lead of the Ribera healthcare group, and Guillermo Losa, head of the Home Hospitalisation service of the Hospital Universitario del Vinalopó, and Mireia Martínez, Project Manager of Tucuvi.