• Telemonitorization, artificial intelligence and big data are the focus of the department’s main innovation projects.
  • Vinalopó, the department with the shortest waiting times in the Valencian Community and a total investment of more than 134 million euros.

Vinalopó‘s Department of Health, part of the Ribera healthcare group, is celebrating 12 years since the their journey began on 1st June, 2010. Twelve years of continuous work which has consolidated quality healthcare for patients.

The Department of Health is celebrating this anniversary after a tough period due to the pandemic, in which the importance of public and private collaboration in order to face global healthcare challenges has become clear. The hospital and health centres are already working normally in order to maintain excellence in healthcare indicators. In this sense, waiting times continue to be better than the average. According to official data from the Ministry of Health, the hospital contributes to reducing waiting times in the Valencian Community, since a patient in Vinalopó is operated on in half the time when compared to the other hospitals.

The healthcare model of Vinalopó’s Department of Health is ready to meet the needs of the future patient, with innovative projects that are already being developed with startups, related to telemonitorization, artificial intelligence and big data. “Now it is not just a case of treating or preventing a disease, but predicting which diseases our population is going to develop and anticipating them” says Dr. Rafael Carrasco, the Department of Health’s managing director.

On a healthcare level, this year the entire department is preparing for reaccreditation from the Joint Commission International, the most prestigious healthcare seal in the world. And also to develop transversal projects such as the Breast Department’s multi-hospital network.

In terms of investment, it should be noted that the Ribera group has invested more than 134 million euros in infrastructure, equipment and technology since the opening of Vinalopó hospital. In the last year they have acquired a new magnetic resonance imaging machine, a CT-PET machine and improved units such as Dialysis, Day hospital and Hemodynamics. This last one aims to continue to guarantee the best patient healthcare with 24 hour care.

In the area of training and teaching, the department has established itself in recent years as a reference center for RMI and INR training. This year 21 places have been offered in 14 accredited teaching units. Currently 57 professionals are in training, some of them with the best RMI grades in Spain.

On a social level, Vinalopó has established itself as a responsible organization with initiatives such as patient council meetings, outreach projects, volunteer activities and other actions related to sustainability and in line with the 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Carrasco has insisted on the importance of placing the patient at the center of all decisions, always thinking about offering them the best healthcare, not only on a clinical level. In this regard, he has reiterated that Vinalopó University Hospital has an extensive portfolio of services and specialities of reference such as Cardiac Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Hemodynamics, Thoracic Surgery and Vascular Surgery, amongst others. This is in addition to reference units such as the delivery department that women from all over the province choose to bring their babies into the world.   

In terms of humanization, Vinalopó is one of the few hospitals in Spain to have a protocol for pet visits for patients that are admitted for a long time, as well as a serious or severe functional diversity plan which ensures universal accessibility to healthcare, improving patients’ experience and their quality of life.

Excellent results

The center’s management team has presented the progress report for this 12 year period.

  • Interventions: 190.559
  • Outpatient surgery rate: 70%
  • Births: 17.781
  • Tests:
    • Radiology: 2.120.769
    • PET-CT: 44.000
    • Pathological Anatomy: 248.434
  • Hospital Emergencies: 1.016.273
  • Hospital Emergencies + health centers: 1.563.273