• Both entities will work on the development of research projects and the application of cutting-edge technologies, such as Generative AI or machine learning, in the field of healthcare for the modernisation and transformation of medical records and medical information capture processes, among others.
  • The joint developments of Artificial Intelligence solutions will help optimise administrative processes and improve healthcare, supported by Microsoft’s cloud services, which offer maximum guarantees in terms of security, privacy and regulatory compliance.
  • The agreement also makes Futurs, Ribera’s technology company, a Microsoft partner. It will also promote interaction with startups and innovative companies to address challenges in the field of healthcare for the benefit of patients and improved care.

Microsoft and the Ribera healthcare group have announced a strategic partnership to advance the use of cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI, in the field of healthcare. This alliance aims to transform and improve patient care and healthcare management.

A key aspect of this agreement, which was signed today by Elisa Tarazona, CEO of the Ribera Group, and Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft in Spain, is the application of Generative AI to simplify administrative tasks in the healthcare sector. For example, these innovative solutions have the potential to reduce administrative fatigue by freeing up valuable time for healthcare staff, allowing them to focus and devote more time to patient care.

Ribera has a modular medical records platform, Cynara, deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud services, to provide a global response to clinical and administrative activity. The collaboration aims to take the modernisation of healthcare information systems a step further, evolving from a classic vision to a patient-centred one. To this end, Ribera and Microsoft will work on the transformation of information capture processes, throughout all phases of the care processes, by means of non-invasive collection systems. This initiative aims to make medical data management more efficient, humane and accurate than ever before.

In the words of Elisa Tarazona, CEO of the Ribera Group, “We are committed to offering the best possible medical care to our patients, and we are committed to digitalisation, hand in hand with a leader like Microsoft, which will help us take an important step forward by taking advantage of the latest technologies. Microsoft has always been a close ally and, with the application of AI, we can make a disruptive leap in our processes, free up administrative time for our healthcare professionals and focus on what is most important: caring for people’s health”.

At Microsoft, we are committed to driving the digital transformation of organisations across all industries,” said Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain. AI has the potential to improve healthcare and medical care and accelerate scientific research. It is a tool that will be a revolutionary step forward in both diagnosis and treatment, and we are excited to reach agreements with organisations in this sector, such as the Ribera Group, that are committed to innovation to improve the quality of care.

Ribera is part of the global Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program, which places the organisation in a pioneering position in the use of Generative AI. Copilot integrates into the Microsoft productivity environment applications that professionals use on a daily basis, helping them in their workflow and freeing them from repetitive tasks so they can focus more on their ultimate goal. Ribera and Microsoft are defining functional and process groups where Copilot could help optimise their way of working, assessing its impact, both at the level of administrative processes and potential tasks of clinical work groups or specialties.

The economic boost from the cloud

The cloud and the innovative services it supports, such as Generative Artificial Intelligence, have become one of the main priorities for companies, as it is key to accelerating the digitalisation of organisations and a fundamental pillar for generating revenue and reducing costs.

A recent study by IDC analyses the economic and social impact of the Microsoft cloud in Spain, its long-term implications and the growth opportunities it represents for companies. In the healthcare sector, the cumulative economic growth in the period 2022-2025 is estimated at 540 million dollars. Collaborations such as the one initiated with the Ribera Group translate into significant progress in internal activity, impacting on the organisation’s productivity and economic results.

Collaboration with startups and innovative companies

The agreement signed between Microsoft and Ribera also involves collaboration with Futurs, the group’s technology company, which thus becomes a Microsoft partner. Futurs’ objective is to provide an optimal and comprehensive response to the needs of the population, transforming healthcare through innovation and technology. Futurs develops both proprietary solutions and co-innovation projects, and offers strategic consulting, development and IT operations services for healthcare institutions, both in Spain and abroad.

The collaboration between Ribera and Microsoft also includes a commitment to the development of digital health projects on several fronts, using Microsoft technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of medical services. This includes the implementation of video consultation through solutions such as Microsoft Teams, as well as the modernisation of Ribera’s administrative, logistical and internal staff management platforms and processes.

In addition, Microsoft and the Ribera Group are looking to the future, with plans to interact with the ecosystem of partners and startups in the healthcare sector. To this end, workshops will be held to evaluate solutions provided by startups in response to the needs identified, and advice and guidance will be provided within the programmes offered by Microsoft for startups and scaleups working in the field of healthcare.

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About Ribera Group

Ribera is a business group founded in 1997, specialising in the management of innovative healthcare projects. With more than 9,200 professionals, its vocation is to transform the way we work and innovate in healthcare management, to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

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Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is driving digital transformation for the era of the intelligent cloud and the Intelligent Edge. Its mission is to help every person and every organisation on the planet do more in their everyday lives.