• The Torrejón and Vinalopó university hospitals and the Denia hospital, public centres managed by Ribera, receive the most prestigious recognition in healthcare for their quality and efficiency indicators.
  • Denia hospital, the most awarded hospital of the health group, after comparing results among more than 200 Spanish health centres, which undergo the evaluation of an independent scientific committee.

Ribera Hospitals received a total of seven TOP20 awards at a ceremony held today in Madrid, which each year brings together the best hospitals in Spain to distinguish the health centres with the best indicators of quality and efficiency in management, as well as the number of surgical procedures without admission, the percentage of readmissions, complications and mortality rate, among others. Three of these awards are for Global Management, the most prestigious recognition of the ceremony, and have gone to the Torrejón and Vinalopó university hospitals and the Hospital de Denia, public health centres managed by the Ribera health group under concession. 

This year, the university hospitals of Torrejón and Vinalopó have also achieved recognition in the TOP20 in the category of Women’s Area, as hospitals with Obstetrics and Breast and Uterine Surgery. Denia Hospital, for its part, has been recognised in these awards for its work in the Nervous and Respiratory areas, in addition to the Global Management award mentioned above. Two other hospitals in the group, Ribera Hospital de Molina and Ribera Povisa Hospital, were finalists in Traumatology and Digestive Medicine.

Last year, the three public hospitals managed by the Ribera healthcare group also won the TOP20 award for best overall management, confirming the commitment to excellence and quality in patient care at the Denia, Vinalopó and Torrejón hospitals, as well as their good management indicators, contrasted by independent entities, such as the one that coordinates the TOP20. These awards compare results among more than 200 Spanish healthcare centres, which voluntarily submit themselves to the evaluation of some thirty indicators, and a scientific committee distinguishes those centres with better performance and greater quality and efficiency of care, in aspects such as the efficient management of hospital stay and outpatient surgery, compared to the measurement of readmissions, complications and mortality, adjusted to risk.

These awards divide hospitals into different categories to facilitate comparison between centres and similar management contexts, and distinguish the performance of those hospitals with the best overall balance in the 120 indicators of the eight clinical areas reviewed. In general terms, it offers the healthcare sector a useful tool for the improvement of results, based on quality, performance and efficiency indicators, as well as recognising good practices in the sector.