• Around 1,000 samples are analysed daily between Primary Care and the hospital itself, where the number of professionals has been increased and automation has been expanded, as in the group’s central laboratory.
  • There are now five Ribera Group hospitals integrated in Ribera Lab: Ribera Polusa, Ribera Juan Cardona, Ribera Hospital de Molina and the Vinalopó and Torrejón university hospitals, in addition to their health areas.

Ribera Lab, the laboratory division of the Ribera healthcare group, has taken on the integral biological diagnosis of all patients at the University Hospital of Torrejón and its health area, i.e. the analysis of all samples taken from patients at the hospital and the area’s primary care centres. The analysis and management of all blood, urine and biological fluid analyses in Torrejón has meant a reinforcement of professionals in the health centre itself and in the central laboratory of Ribera, as well as in the automation processes.

The Torrejón Hospital laboratory alone analyses around 1,000 samples a day, from its own patients and primary care centres. For its part, Ribera Lab’s central laboratory has technology that allows it to carry out more than 3,000 determinations a day, with technology capable of analysing 800 tubes an hour, with the capacity to increase it as required.

Ribera Lab has more than 120 professionals and is already integrated in five of the health group’s hospitals: Ribera Polusa, Ribera Juan Cardona, Ribera Hospital de Molina and the university hospitals of Vinalopó and Torrejón, in addition to their health areas. It has a constitutional, prenatal and oncohematological cytogenetics laboratory, a molecular biopathology laboratory for hereditary diseases, infections and oncohematological diseases, in addition to the central clinical laboratory. In addition, the group’s laboratory division covers other clinics and hospitals within the group as well as external healthcare centres. “Responding efficiently and swiftly to patients’ needs is always our priority,” says Ribera Lab management director Mayte Alarcón.